7 Sources to Help you Understand and Keep up with Food Related Issues

Do you want to stay up to date with our constantly evolving food system, but don’t want to do all the research required to find credible sources? Look no further than our guide to websites with news and information all related to food!

If you’re subscribed to our newsletter, then you probably already keep up with some of the news about our food system and good, clean, fair food. Looking for something to read that might spark an enlightening dinner conversation, or resources to help your conscious decisions about how and where you spend your food dollars? Check out this round up of food news websites for politics, tech, development and cultural news – all related to food. Dig in and enjoy!

Civil Eats

Civil Eats is one of our go-to news sources when I’m looking to get my finger on the pulse of what people in the food world are talking about. The website provides news and commentary about the American food system with an emphasis on sustainable agriculture. Civil Eats won the James Beard Publication of the Year Award in 2014.


The New Food Economy

TNFE is another go-to source of smart, well written, super up-to-date info on food and society. Their non-profit, unbiased investigative journalism will keep you in the know about food justice, access, safety, labor, policy, and just about any other food movement you can think of. Reading The New Food Economy is like being in a Food Studies university program – they use food as a subject to discuss other pressing societal issues.


NPR: The Salt

Beloved news source NPR has a great blog dedicated to food news from their Science Desk. With the tagline “What’s on Your Plate,” The Salt delivers news on all things food including food history & culture, health, even stories for foodies, while nicely connecting food to other current events. Another James Beard Award winning publication.


Cornucopia Institute

This Wisconsin-based nonprofit organization is focused on advocacy, particularly for organic food and small-scale farming. A consumer watchdog with campaigns related to farming and food policy, they also provide scorecards for food products to keep consumers in the know about their organic food. They pursue legal action against companies, and even the USDA, concerning food integrity issues.



Seattle-based nonprofit environmental source Grist provides news and commentary primarily on climate change – which science shows has a connection to our food system - delivered with a side of Pacific Northwest humor. They have a section on food too, which touches on issues like labor, climate change, tech, agriculture, and multinational agribusiness.


FERN: Food and Environmental Reporting Network

Another award winning, nonprofit, investigative journalism network with a focus on food, environmental health, agriculture, and business. They partner with local and national mainstream media to bring you the underreported stories on food and the environment. Check out their infographics for a colorful breakdown of food and environment issues.


Food Politics

Former NYU Nutrition and Food Studies Professor, and award-winning author, Marion Nestle keeps a regular food blog that can be sent to you nearly daily via email. Marion is one of the pioneers bringing the politics of food into the light, so of course her blog focuses on the politics of food and nutrition. With 8 published books, and another on the way later this year, Marion’s work is not to be missed by any food activist.


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