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Social impact: Meet the Makers | Roseline Coffee

Join us for a lesson in proper caffeination! We’ll begin our morning by letting Tom Pikaart of Roseline Coffee guide us through a “cupping”, or the proper method of tasting the nuances of coffee.

After we’ve discovered some of our favorite varietals, we’ll learn how to brew the best coffee at home, no matter what style of brewing you prefer. We’ll take a look at drip coffee makers, espresso makers, and traditional pour overs.

Each participant will leave with a bag of Roseline Coffee beans, and enjoy light snacks throughout the morning.

This class is being held in partnership with Slow Food Portland, whose mission is to "promote good, clean food". As a Social Impact Partner Experience, 20% of your class fee will go towards supporting Slow Food. To register, please sign up via the Airbnb Experience page linked to below.