How to grow your own slow food tomatoes


Nothing tastes better than fresh tomatoes ripened naturally by the sun and grown without chemicals. Tomatoes are some of the easiest fruits to grow in your backyard. They are versatile and good for the health, you can use them in several ways; in main meals, salads, appetizers and even beverages. Growing tomatoes is easy, you need to remember that they require lots of sunshine, adequate water and rich soils.

When planting slow food tomatoes, keep in mind that a sunny and sheltered location is ideal. Oregon has cold winters so it is best to plant only when the soil is warm enough for your plants to thrive. Test soil temperature in the early morning to ensure that it is at least in the 60s. Slow food seeds matter a lot when choosing the variety of tomatoes to plant. ‘Stupice’, ‘Cherokee Purple’ or ‘Black Cherry’ of the heirloom variety are highly prized cultivars that you can produce from seed. Tomatoes are big plants when they reach maturity so you should allow at least two feet space in between seeds. If planting in containers, put one seed only per pot to get healthy plants.

For valuable tips, read this article that is a detailed guide to planting tomatoes.

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