We're so excited to be partnering with you to host social impact experiences! Below you'll find instructions on building your profile. The deadline to submit profiles is August 24th. We're currently filling the calendar for September 1-December 1. 



Create your experience on Airbnb

To get started click below: 

  • Please note, you'll want to use a business email for setting up your profile NOT your personal Airbnb travel account

Fill in details

  • In the category section, you'll be asked: Are you hosting on behalf of a non-profit organization? 
    • Check "Yes, I'm hosting on behalf of a non-profit organization"
Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 2.25.32 PM.png
  • You'll then be asked to "Make sure you're signed into the organization's Airbnb account"
    • Check "I'm signed into the organization's Airbnb account, not my personal Airbnb account."
    • We've found that it's best if each host manages the profile and therefore has its own log-in. Technically, Slow Food doesn't have a solo account but co-manages your account with you. 
Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 2.25.48 PM.png
  • You'll then be asked for the name of the organization
    • Enter "Slow Food Portland"

Share your log-in with Slow Food PDX

  • Once you've got all the details about your experiences loaded in, please share your log-in information and password with Slow Food Portland: hello@slowfoodportland.com
  • We'll then add in copy about our organization, where the money from Social Impact will go, as well as our bank info for payouts. 
  • Social Impact experiences require that a non-profit bank account be the payout method. 
    • We'll do payouts the 2nd and 4th Fridays of each month. 
  • We'll then submit the experience and wait for approval from Airbnb. 

A few notes


  • Payouts will be 80% to the host, 20% donated to Slow Food Portland
  • Please fill out 1-2 dates per month (or more if you'd like ; ). The Airbnb algorithm prefers regular and recurrent events. 
    • We're currently, scheduling out to December 1. 
  • Keep in touch! If you add dates/experiences or edit them, let us know! We're part of your experience marketing team and will need to make changes to our calendar so potential guests see accurate information. 
  • How to choose pricing? 
    • We want this to be financially viable for you. We suggest looking at similar experiences on the platform to get an idea of what an appropriate price is. However, we've found that scaling pricing can be strategic and help you get to your ideal price over time. 
    • Ex. coffee tasting experience @ $40. This could be offered 1-2 times at this price while positive reviews roll in. Once you've got 3 5-star reviews, the price could be bumped up to $45. Likewise, after more good reviews and social proof, the experience could be offered at $55 moving forward.